beforeafterOn the 1st of December 2013, we found a cat with blood pouring out of her eyes. Everyone thought she had to be put to sleep. She was named Glee. Glee has made such a remarkable recovery, however! This is her story.glee

December 1, 2013 Bloody day. I have no words to describe the pain I’m feeling. The pictures say more than I can now say, a cat left on the street to die in agony and poor puppy only a month and a half old also left to die, to suffer.. We took them both to the vet on call. The cat, named Glee we think received a hard hit in the head. She purrs. can you imagine, we went with the intention to cut her of her misery and to put her to sleep, but the vet said that all she needs is eye surgery.  We have to make x-ray on Monday to confirm nothing else is broken and then she will have eye surgery. Even in this condition she is full of life, as soon as I lay my hand on her, she starts to purr and I have no words to describe what am I feeling.. What happened to her no one knows, maybe a car, maybe someone hit her… We don’t know and we never will.. one thing is for sure, she wants to live…


December 2, 2013 Glee has been left in the clinic, luckily she has nothing else that’s broken. According to the vet the only explanation for her injuries is that someone picked at her eyes with something sharp on purpose. She purrs as soon as you speak to her, she purrs as soon as you lay a hand on her, yet someone has ruined her life and made an invalid of her.We’re in shock thinking that someone could do this do a helpless animal who is not in a position to harm anyone… This is too much.


December 3, 2013 She won’t be operated on today because she has an infection, first she needs to go on a drip, and have antibiotics and analgesics, before she is able to handle an anaesthetic. We think neither of her eyes can be saved, we had hoped to be able to save at least one but I think they are destroyed. We hope the person who did this to her suffers the same fate.


December 4, 2013 Glee has been operated on, she survived the operation and it was a success! They managed to save one of her eyes, but we are unsure if she will be able to see at all because she has a hematoma in it. They have been applying ointment to her eye and we are hoping for the best. She is currently on a drip, she still can’t eat alone, she’s also on antibiotics and is receiving painkillers. The worst is over.


December 9, 2013 Glee says Hello! she is doing very well!


 December 19, 2013 Glee at home with us. She is a fighter!


December 26, 2013 Dear friends, this is our Glee. Do you recognise her? Every day she is better and better… we are very satisfied with her progress, all our efforts have paid off. Thanks to you all she has everything she needs, the best food, therapy, and everything a cat could wish for. The hematomas on her eye are fading, the vet’s opinion that she was going to end up with a big red marble as an eye has been proven wrong! Look at her beautiful green eye, of course she still has a hematoma but it’s fading, she still can’t see with that eye but we believe with all our heart that she will soon be able to.


January 15, 2013 Today when I look at pictures of how they were before, my stomach turns… Especially Glee, I look at her photos and then at her, and I think to myself “These are not the same animals”.. Glee is so happy, so fat, she loves to cuddle, she tries to play as well, she’s adapted really well to her condition and to the fact she only has one eye and can only see about 20% with the other, my God she has been through so much…

When I look at these pictures and then at Glee and breathe deeply, a lump forms in my throat… they’ve been through so much… but their success and their will to stay alive give me great strength, strength that I sometimes lose, recently we’ve had a lot of bad moments, but they, the animals, give us strength and return the smiles to our faces… We will never give up, we will never abandon them.. NEVER. Thanks to all our dear friends for all the support and help.


The great news is that Glee stayed with Edina and her family 🙂