DIAMOND-Demodex shay boy

Diamond is about 4-5 years old with generalized Demodex.


His wounds are bleeding and he was covered with ticks. We drove him to the vet last night where received antibiotics, was cleaned from the ticks and got tick treatment. Today he started with demodex treatment and shampoo.

We need your help to keep him save in the pension where he will stay till his recovery and get ready for forever home. Please, is there anyone who can help us to safe this dog??6All donations can be sent on PayPal with mark: Help for DIAMOND

VASKO really needs someone to fall in love with him


Vasko is a bigger male about 2 years old. He’s been in pension for nearly a year. He also suffered through demodex and he is still on therapy. Soon we will be able to say that he is completely recovered. He is lovely to people, cats, dogs, children and a true guard dog.

10If you can help please visit our DONATE page and make sure you mark your donation for ‘Vasko’ and please, after you have made your donation, click ‘confirm receipt’, otherwise the funds are not available to us for a month

Thank you.

If you would like to adopt Vasko please CONTACT us.

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Harley1239691_625606717506226_1937394430_nHarley was rescued last year, abandoned on the streets of our city by everyone he trusted. He had a terrible case of demodex (mange). He was put into pension. We are still treating his skin, but he’s doing much better now. He’s a lovely Labrador/Retriever mix and needs a forever home urgently. In the meantime would you be able to sponsor his pension fees and therapy?

If you can help the Paypal is: mark your donation for ‘Harley’ and please, after you have made your donation, click ‘confirm receipt’, otherwise the funds are not available to us for a month. Thank you.


Harley and Vasko (who also needs a home!)

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mainThe end of 2013 was very sad for us as a dear friend of ours passed away. A lovely woman who loved animals very much and helped us a lot. Someone left her a puppy in November, and we published the puppy’s photos on our Facebook page, but nobody was interested. So our friend’s husband asked us to take her and find her a home, because he has now 5 dogs and several cats and horses to look after. We put her in a good pension. Please help us find a home for Mila. She is vaccinated and cleansed of parasites. is there anyone who can give her a home now when she lost her provider, her love…

1525110_604297222970509_1417767650_nAnd, now, Mila’s boarding in the pension she’s in has expired on March 4th, she’s in the red for a whole month and 10 days. She has a debt of 160e and the debt will only grow, please help us find her a good and safe home, she really needs help. If you can help the Paypal is: mark your donation for ‘Mila’ and please, after you have made your donation, click ‘confirm receipt’, otherwise the funds are not available to us for a month. Thank you.

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are organising transports in early April so that twenty one dogs and cats have a chance to leave the horrors of Bosnia Herzegovina, to live in safety where they will know love, care, warmth and a full belly. But they cannot go without your help. Can you be a hero to one of these lovelies, and help fund their way? All but one of the rescues on the transport have been rescued by our group, Andjeo Sarajevo.


Many of these dogs and cats have come through horrific suffering. Dennis nearly died of a botched castration in one of Bosnia Herzegovina’s infamous ‘shelters’ at Doboj.
Faith Faith was tortured with wire around her neck and leg, left to die from starvation or the infection from her terrible wounds. Faith’s life was saved, but she had to have her leg amputated.

Hero1And Hero the special mascot for this fundraiser, also lost a leg. He was found on the streets, half-blind, with a suppurating, infected fracture that meant he had to have an amputation.

All of these animals have a story to tell, and we want the ending of the story to be ‘…and they lived happily ever after.’

Please help, any amount, no matter how small is much appreciated…


Faith’s progress


941479_616349358431962_137288013_nToday we had to pick up our little Faith from the clinic, she can’t stay there because there is no one there during the week end. We put her in the Betty boarding kennel but we’ll do everything we can to find her a fosterer. Today we bought her antibiotics and a muzzle, she is not aggressive but she has lost her trust in humans because of everything she’s been through.

She is going to need time, she’ll be needing a lot of help, please don’t forget her! We bought wood chips to put in her bed, and covered everything with a blanket, tomorrow we’ll take her another blanket for her to be even warmer.

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Last night we were contacted about a tortured dog in Vlakovo, a small village north-west of Sarajevo. Someone had tied a wire around the dog’s neck and leg. When we arrived, we found a sad little female dog, weighing only around 10kg when she should weigh at least three times this much.


She was clearly frightened, afraid of her own shadow. A sharp wire was deeply embedded in her neck and leg.
7553_614221861978045_905436711_nWe don’t know how long she has howled, how long she’s been suffering like this. A long time. Her leg is completely atrophied, has developed sepsis and is deformed, with all the skin peeled back… a living horror. We caught her by using a low dose sedative, it was the only way as she was so terrified and would not let anyone close. We took her straight to a vet, and under the bright light on the vet’s table the poor dog’s horror was even worse.1013925_614221125311452_898093697_nWe couldn’t believe how far human malice and evil can go, how much people will take out their anger on animals…. The photos will tell you a whole lot more. According to the vet, this was done on purpose, the wire was so tightly embedded into the neck and leg that she couldn’t put her leg down, it just dangled in the air…. only she and the monster who did this to her know how long she’s been like this. Because of the injuries to the neck caused by the embedded wire, it’s possible she’ll never be able to bark again, she’ll never be able to let her voice be heard again… Her pain is immense.bodyThe vet said the leg must be amputated, and that her chances of survival are good. But if it is possible for her to ever trust people again, we don’t know. We need help to cover vet costs and her after care, and one day, when she is healed we must find her a very special home. 1510801_614223261977905_328848485_n

Our little fighter is a bit better today, the vet says chances are she will survive. Her leg needs to be amputated, it wasn’t done today because she was on a drip and received vitamins, we bought her sausage and yoghurt to eat. She is a real fighter and we really hope she will survive the amputation tomorrow. The vets don’t think she should be put down, they want to save this tormented soul and give her the chance to experience a bit of human warmth, kindness and love.



beforeafterOn the 1st of December 2013, we found a cat with blood pouring out of her eyes. Everyone thought she had to be put to sleep. She was named Glee. Glee has made such a remarkable recovery, however! This is her story.glee

December 1, 2013 Bloody day. I have no words to describe the pain I’m feeling. The pictures say more than I can now say, a cat left on the street to die in agony and poor puppy only a month and a half old also left to die, to suffer.. We took them both to the vet on call. The cat, named Glee we think received a hard hit in the head. She purrs. can you imagine, we went with the intention to cut her of her misery and to put her to sleep, but the vet said that all she needs is eye surgery.  We have to make x-ray on Monday to confirm nothing else is broken and then she will have eye surgery. Even in this condition she is full of life, as soon as I lay my hand on her, she starts to purr and I have no words to describe what am I feeling.. What happened to her no one knows, maybe a car, maybe someone hit her… We don’t know and we never will.. one thing is for sure, she wants to live…


December 2, 2013 Glee has been left in the clinic, luckily she has nothing else that’s broken. According to the vet the only explanation for her injuries is that someone picked at her eyes with something sharp on purpose. She purrs as soon as you speak to her, she purrs as soon as you lay a hand on her, yet someone has ruined her life and made an invalid of her.We’re in shock thinking that someone could do this do a helpless animal who is not in a position to harm anyone… This is too much.


December 3, 2013 She won’t be operated on today because she has an infection, first she needs to go on a drip, and have antibiotics and analgesics, before she is able to handle an anaesthetic. We think neither of her eyes can be saved, we had hoped to be able to save at least one but I think they are destroyed. We hope the person who did this to her suffers the same fate.


December 4, 2013 Glee has been operated on, she survived the operation and it was a success! They managed to save one of her eyes, but we are unsure if she will be able to see at all because she has a hematoma in it. They have been applying ointment to her eye and we are hoping for the best. She is currently on a drip, she still can’t eat alone, she’s also on antibiotics and is receiving painkillers. The worst is over.


December 9, 2013 Glee says Hello! she is doing very well!


 December 19, 2013 Glee at home with us. She is a fighter!


December 26, 2013 Dear friends, this is our Glee. Do you recognise her? Every day she is better and better… we are very satisfied with her progress, all our efforts have paid off. Thanks to you all she has everything she needs, the best food, therapy, and everything a cat could wish for. The hematomas on her eye are fading, the vet’s opinion that she was going to end up with a big red marble as an eye has been proven wrong! Look at her beautiful green eye, of course she still has a hematoma but it’s fading, she still can’t see with that eye but we believe with all our heart that she will soon be able to.


January 15, 2013 Today when I look at pictures of how they were before, my stomach turns… Especially Glee, I look at her photos and then at her, and I think to myself “These are not the same animals”.. Glee is so happy, so fat, she loves to cuddle, she tries to play as well, she’s adapted really well to her condition and to the fact she only has one eye and can only see about 20% with the other, my God she has been through so much…

When I look at these pictures and then at Glee and breathe deeply, a lump forms in my throat… they’ve been through so much… but their success and their will to stay alive give me great strength, strength that I sometimes lose, recently we’ve had a lot of bad moments, but they, the animals, give us strength and return the smiles to our faces… We will never give up, we will never abandon them.. NEVER. Thanks to all our dear friends for all the support and help.


The great news is that Glee stayed with Edina and her family 🙂

Prince, King, Duke and Count





A few days ago, an animal advocate in Sarajevo found four puppies in a burnt out, ruined building.


The puppies were struggling to survive alone, as they had no mother. We don’t know what happened to her.


The puppies’ stomachs looked swollen with parasites and they were overall in a bad condition, with matted fur and runny eyes. They were fed, given bedding we were contacted to see if we could take the puppies away from this awful place, to safety.


Here is a video showing how starving they were, gobbling up the food brought to them:



We went to rescue them from certain death or at best, a terrifying life on the streets. With help from friends we managed to catch all four, wrapping them up in blankets.







We took them immediately to a vet for examination and then to pension (kennels).


From today there will be no more hunger or freezing in that awful draughty ruin where someone left them. They are finally in a safe place where they will have regular meals and where they will be warm. We took them for a check up straight away as they were full of worms, they had stomachs like beach balls. They’ve been dewormed and given vitamins. A big thank you to to everyone who helped us catch the babies and get them somewhere safe. They have no mum, they were left to fend for themselves and die in that ruin…



We have named these lovelies  Duke, Prince, King and Count. Thanks to quick response, some money was donated to help with the initial costs, but we still need funds to make sure they stay safe and off the streets and are monitored by the vet.