What We Do

Andjeo Sarajevo is a registered charitable association based in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina. Andjeo means ‘Angel’. Our primary mission is for the care, medical treatment and sheltering of abandoned and lost animals, humane reduction of abandoned animals population and microchipping animals. Our special focus is on street dogs, organising education workshops and developing culture and raising consciousness regarding care for weak, powerless, rejected, sick, unprotected, handicapped and unaccepted animals. We also have initiatives for construction of animal shelter/rescue for abandoned animals.



Initiatives for organising temporary and permanent shelter, providing care and shelter of endangered, abandoned and lost animals, either independently or in cooperation with other animal protection associations, international animal protection organisations and relevant municipal, canton and entity institutions.

a) Humane reduction of abandoned animals population, especially in urban environment using the methods of individual and mass sterilisation and castration of abandoned cats and dogs, conditioned by finding a temporary shelter for recovery and, if possible, a permanent shelter later on. Marking of sterilised and castrated abandoned animals, especially street dogs and cats, and their return to the original habitat, all for the purpose of stabilising the population of abandoned animals through control of their reproduction within a short period of time.

b) Organising education workshops through public discussions with our members and professionals, seminars for promotion purposes and improving the treatment of animals and their protection, as well as improving co-existence of people and animals, work with students in primary and secondary schools for animal popularisation and development of humane relationship to them.

c) Lobbying with authority representatives at municipal, cantonal, and state levels to ensure that our voice for animals rights and protection is heard and accepted.

d) Organising charity events, auctions, posh store, exhibitions/installations, charity parties, promotions, presentations, workshops, festivals, seminars, catalogues, campaigns, projections, performances, shows, camps, concerts, publications, animations, experimental scenes, consulting, gala protocols, portals, fairs, surveys, teaching courses…

e) Organising peaceful gatherings to protest and prevent law-breaking, campaigns for writing protest letters, informative stands and distribution of informative material (brochures, leaflets, books etc.), signing petitions, informing the public on status of animals through the media, internet sites, public discussions and lectures, press conferences, leaflets and posters, TV and radio shows.

f) Lobbying for full implementation of the animal Protection Law – reacting and condemning in public any breach of law, reporting individuals and institutions responsible for breach of the Animal Protection Law, lobbying with the legislators to strengthen the existing and ensure implementation of the new laws, proposing representatives of animal rights and protection for participation in activities of advisory authorities.

g) Issuing brochures from the Association to inform the members and public of our activities, certain topics, problems and campaigns. Issuing promotional and marketing materials within the scope of activities of the Association.

h)  Lobbying for construction of the sanctuary for abandoned animals

i) Making a list of all animals in ownership

j) Urgent emergency vehicle for helping abandoned, sick and hurt animals in our town.