youcaringdbetheirheroAWAB are organising transports in early April so that twenty one dogs and cats have a chance to leave the horrors of Bosnia Herzegovina, to live in safety where they will know love, care, warmth and a full belly. But they cannot go without your help. Can you be a hero to one of these lovelies, and help fund their way? All but one of the rescues on the transport have been rescued by our group, Andjeo Sarajevo.

All the dogs and cats have fosters or forever homes waiting for them in the UK, and one in Spain, our lovely Fiona…


The other transport will take three dogs, Lana, Fluffy and King and three cats, Sidney, Glee and HOpe all the way to Finland with Miska Oksanen. You will remember Glee’s story…the cat who survived deliberate blinding…

Due to the generous support of Blind Dog Rescue UK, The Harmony Fund, the adopters of several of the animals and other individual donations, all that is needed is 3,900 Euros to cover transportation and preparation costs.

If you can help, AWAB have created a special YouCaring fundraiser for this huge project, or you can donate directly via PayPal to AWAB directly at (mark for: BE A HERO).


Many of these dogs and cats have come through horrific suffering. Dennis nearly died of a botched castration in one of Bosnia Herzegovina’s infamous ‘shelters’ at Doboj.
Faith Faith was tortured with wire around her neck and leg, left to die from starvation or the infection from her terrible wounds. Faith’s life was saved, but she had to have her leg amputated.

Hero1And Hero the special mascot for this fundraiser, also lost a leg. He was found on the streets, half-blind, with a suppurating, infected fracture that meant he had to have an amputation.

All of these animals have a story to tell, and we want the ending of the story to be ‘…and they lived happily ever after.’

Please help, any amount, no matter how small is much appreciated, and join the Facebook Event to keep up to date with the progress on this fundraiser!